Drafts "New Draft After" experience

Here’s an experience I frequently have, but I’m not sure there’s a good workaround–maybe something Greg or others have ideas about …

On iOS–I love the “new draft after” feature because mainly I want a blank screen for capturing when I open the app. And when I don’t, I can set the focus mode.

On Mac, there’s a bit more friction. I set the “new draft” setting to 60 minutes because mostly I’m working in the same draft. However, sometimes I am working on various projects and come back to drafts after an hour and still want that file to be there. When the app is inactive, but visible, I can see that draft is still loaded and I’m ready to work on it. However, when I activate the app, the editor goes blank and I get a new draft. I find this a surprise every time. I have recently taken to pressing the “last draft” button now, which is a pretty good solution, but that moment of frustration when I can see the draft I want before I activate the app, but then it disappears. I almost wish Drafts could blank the editor while it was inactive so I didn’t have the expectation when I switched to the app that my draft was still open.

Honestly, for my personal use, this is primarily an iPhone feature. I have it disabled on Mac and iPad, mostly because ⌘-N is so ingrained in my muscle memory when I have a keyboard available.

It’s certainly possible Drafts on the Mac could run a timer in the background and create the new draft after the timeout in the background. Not sure that creates a lot of advantages, but I’ll think about it.


Yeah, I’ll try disabling it. When I want to quickly capture something on the Mac I typically use the quick capture shortcut anyway. That’s probably the right answer here.

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