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Is there anyone having an Action to send text/entries to the Momento Journaling App? https://momentoapp.com

Thx a lot

Try this Send to Momento example. I just made it based on their URL scheme docs - but it is untested.

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Thanks a lot - works sensational! :+1::pray::muscle:

Too bad Momento is only available on one platform. So I often write in draft on the iPad with external keyboard and then I have to copy/paste.

Suggest you try Day One. Available for iOS, MacOS and Android. Plus I have an action for it.

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I’m using Day One. Did not like the look of the timeline. So I started to use Momento for Micro-Journaling. But might give up now and change my Day One habits. :slight_smile:

What Action to you use?

You might consider simply journaling in Drafts or to files for micro-journaling needs. Give you a lot of flexibility and no lock-in.

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Thx - Interesting tip! :+1:
I did not think about it as a final format, because I like to journal a lot with images. But maybe I‘ll change my way a bit.

I use various devices and depends where I am and what I am doing. I record from my iWatch, iPad, iPhone and Mac. I find the iWatch quick and easy to post at the moment.
Occasionally, I will dump my thoughts into Drafts if I have something that I feel will require some thought over the day. The action I created is very simply.


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