Drafts missing from share sheet on Catlina

I went to share a website from Safari like I have in past and noticed it was no longer there. Is this a known issue or something I was doing wrong?

This seems to be a Catalina issue. Other apps are seeing the same problem. Hopefully Apple will resolve. I’ll update here if I find a workaround.

Thanks! I assumed this was it, but just wanted to make sure I was not missing anything in settings etc.

I am unable to see drafts on the share sheet in my new MacBook on Catalina. this is really weird bc it shows up on my old MacBook Air who is also running Catalina, any help?

Several thread on this issue, see more information.

It’s a Catalina bug. Word on the street is Apple has fixed it in the 10.15.4 betas, which I assume will be released before too long.