Drafts Mac Beta Won't Load/Subscription Issue

I recently signed up for the beta/testflight program because I cannot wait to sink my teeth into actions for the Mac. After installing TestFlight on my phone and the beta app on my Mac, I cannot use Drafts for Mac because I receive this dialog box every time:

Access to the beta version of Drafts for Mac requires an active Drafts Pro subscription. Confirm your Drafts Pro subscription status in an App Store version of Drafts on the platform you purchased the subscription and try to launch the beta again if you believe this message is in error.

Of course, I did check my subscription status and the previous version of Drafts worked great. Thoughts?

There are a number of cases where this can come up because subscription status is not updated in iCloud properly. We try to manage this server side for renewals, but sometimes this information need to be updated. As the message states, run the latest App Store version on the platform you made the purchase (iOS) at least once, to confirm status and get a current App Store receipt. Then your information should be updated in iCloud an subscription sharing enabled. You can then switch back to the beta version.