Drafts iOS not creating new draft after set time

Hi, I’m using drafts pro 28.1 on my iPad Pro 2018 (iOS 15.0.2) with a setting to create a new draft after 5 minutes. When I come back to the app (well after 5 minutes have passed and not in focus mode) the previous draft is still open. Is this a bug or am I not setting this up correctly?

There are two features that affect whether new drafts are created when returning to the app:

  • The “New Draft After” setting, which determines the time you are away from Drafts before it should create a new draft.

  • Focus Mode, which can be enabled in the editor (eyeball icon below editor).

Focus mode temporarily disables the “New Draft After” timeout for the current session, to allow you to lock the current draft at a time you plan to work on it for longer.

Details in the User Guide: Focus Mode - Drafts User Guide

Is it possible you enabled Focus Mode?

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