Drafts IOS: extended keyboard option: left β†’ right display sorting based on frequency of use

Drafts IOS

Hello Greg,

by extended keyboard, it am referring to the action keys at the bottom of the draft in edit mode.

I suggest you add an option to sort (left to right, ie visible screen vs hidden keys) the extended keyboard based on frequency of key use.

When I tediously try to configure my keyboard from left to right, ie give priority to immediately visible keys vs those keys which require scrolling, I am basically trying to guess the statistical frequency of use of each key, something which would be much more accurately determined mathematically and which in addition would be flexible ie adapt to the addition and frequency of use of new keys.

You could call it some rather basic form of AI (I used to work with neural networks).

thank you

If that is ever made an option, please leave the option to place the keys where we want them. I don’t like the idea of my extended keys not being where I want to have them - e.g. grouped into similar functions.

@lucas222, out of interest how would you see this working with separators which are never directly interacted with?

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i don’t use separators. You have a good point. It should be an option