Drafts for MacOS Not Opening After Update

To preface, I’m running the Sonoma beta. After Drafts was updated a couple of days ago (I’m excited to try the new Nested Tags), it’s not opening on my Mac, crashing within the first several seconds.

Have taken the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Restarted computer
  • Deleted and redownloaded Drafts
  • Deleted Drafts with AppCleaner (grabs app files not always deleted otherwise) and redownloaded

Update to the release candidate version of Sonoma. Final release builds are not compatible with old macOS beta versions.

I don’t think Apple is automatically offering the beta update to people running the Sonoma public beta, you have to go check for it.

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That fixed it, thank you.

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Having same problem

macOS Sonoma beta 14.0 (23A5301g)
Last checked: Today, 19:25
Your Mac is up to date.

Will not run crashes.

Sent crash report few days back via forum/email/twitter DM no response

I don’t have any crash logs from you that are obviously from you in any of those places - but macOS 14 (23A5301g) is not the release candidate build of Sonoma. You have to update to the release candidate. You are on public beta 2 which is from July and very old at this point.

You can find a history of build numbers on WIkipedia. You should be on 23A339 or greater.

Thanks lesson learned I did not have PUBLIC beta selected so it was not updating. All working now.

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