Drafts for Mac workspaces bug

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but when I open drafts, left panel I have my workspaces and under that the list of Drafts.

I choose “sort” -> modified.

However when I close Drafts and open it again it’s set back to ‘accessed’.

Im on Catalina.

That does not sound like a bug. Workspaces are not containers, but sets of filters and settings that get applied when selecting one. Changing the options is list options after applying the workspace override that setting (and you will see the workspace is no longer applied because the name will disappear from the header.

If you wish to permanently change the sort order for a particular workspace, you have to make that change in the workspace manager. More details on workspaces and options in the user guide workspaces article might clarify.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your reply. Let me try to get this clear through my professional photoshop presentation skills )

Fig 1. These are my settings for workspace named ‘working’.
Fig 2. This is the listing when the workspace is selected. It’s default ‘Sort: accessed’.
When I change this to “last modified” for example by selecting it in the pulldown list it remains this sort until I close and restart drafts… then it switches back to ‘last accessed’ again (

How to ALWAYS have a workspace listing as “Sort: last modified” not “Sort: accessed” ?

edit: I see where it fails: when I restart Drafts and restart the program it remembers the previously selected ‘workspace’. However Drafts forgets the sorting order. If I, from the workspace list select a different workspace and then switch back to the initial workspace it selects the correct Sort order.

That is the purpose of the “Default” workspace. You can change it’s options in the workspace editor, or by making the changes you want then selecting “Save as Default” in the list options (…) screen. Covered in Workspace article.

Overriding sort/display options are considered temporary changes unless saved.

Once updated, those are the settings that will be applied when clearing filters or launching the app.

I get it. It used the sort order from the “default” workspace.

But when I restart drafts I see
Workspaces >

So I expect things to work exactly as prior to closing drafts. Including all the Sorting rules for that Workspace name that is displayed and not that it reverts back to ‘default’ for the sorting orders.

Hence the confusion… but it works now. Thank you!

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Yea, I see what you are saying now, sorry for the confusion. I’ll review this process again.


Wow. I see you fixed it. Nice!