Drafts for Mac Status Update

Exciting. Sign me up for the beta if there is room. Thanks!

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It’s open to all Pro subscribers and available to download at this link.


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App on Mac looks great. I have a Drafts Pro subscription on iOS. On the Mac: Inbox syncs but Flagged and Archive and Trash do not sync. Should any or all of these sync to the Mac from iOS?

Edit: notes added to the Archive or Trash staring after in installed Drafts for Mac are now syncing. So – anyway to get the prior Archive synced? (I suppose I could tag them all with a special tag, move to the inbox, sync, then move back to the archive.)

I have Backup active on my iPad but not iPhone, and active on Mac — will this create conflicts?

Would be nice if the menu bar widget could optionally be “always on top” – capture from other apps as we work.

Also would be nice if there was a “Save to Drafts” service.


@quorm – if you’ve got popclip, I’ve got an extension. it’s not a service, but it works for me.

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Excellent – extension works fine in PopClip. Thanks!

Same for me. Any ideas?

The only issue with PopClip @rkoopmann is that it doesn’t work on all the ways of selecting text.

However, I also have a PopClip extension of my own (not explicitly for Drafts) so I’m all in on PopClip.

(Mine is documented here:


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Today’s update adds a Send to Drafts service, and a share extension. Remember to activate the share extension and the service in System Preferences.

(macOS has a inscrutable method for deciding which share extensions appear in what contexts. The Drafts share extension will appear for selected text in Safari in the Share submenu of the contextual (right-click) menu, but not always in the Share menu from the Safari toolbar.)


I had it working on one Mac, but not another. The difference was the second didn’t have iCloud Drive enabled. When I enabled iCloud Drive, it worked flawlessly.

System Preferences -> iCloud -> iCloud drive should be checked.

If it’s checked, and still not working, take a look at the iCloud Drive options. Is Drafts there in the “Documents” tab? Is it checked?

I suspect there’s something Drafts saves to its iCloud Drive folder to indicate whether Pro is enabled or not, and the error handling if Drafts Mac can’t access the Drafts folder isn’t quite there yet.

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My problem was I had not subscribed to Drafts Pro. Once I did, it worked just fine.

I’d love to be able to use the app in Full Screen mode side by side with another window, and make it skinny in Editor mode. The skinniest I can make it is half-width of the screen.


@quorm - indeed. Drafts share extension will not appear in the Share menu from the Safari toolbar. Why so?

That’s a great combination, thanks!

Sorry, could you explain how to install this? Or point me to where I can look that up? I thought I knew, but I was wrong …

One way would be to download the files from Github into a folder, rename the folder to end with .popclipext, and then double click it to have the system install it as a PopClip extension.

For info:


Hm, am I doing it right? Nothing happens when I doubleclick.

There be a few more files in there and the ‘folder’ should probably have a name with the extension rather than just the extension.

Ah, I think I see the problem: I have .html files in there (what I saved from the Github link). Do I have to copy the code into a .txt and save that in the folder?

I would have expected it to be these 4 files:

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The easy/lazy way is to go to the root of the GitHub master: https://github.com/rkoopmann/popclip-extensions

Then click clone or download (big green button) and download ZIP, you can double-click the ZIP to extract the files then when you open the folder, just double-click on drafts.popclipext file and it gives you the option to install it.

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