Drafts for Mac Status Update

So excited for this!

OMG yes!!! :heart::heart::heart:️ Is there anyway functionality can mimic Notion.so?
Drafts has more customization options, but I can’t get it to look like Notion. Maybe the Mac version can?

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I’m also really excited to hear this as everyone else!
I made an account in this forum just to express my happiness! :slight_smile:

Great!! Great! Great!
Could you remember of me me for beta testing?

Wonderful news. Will be a game changer.

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Thank you, Greg & Team. I use Drafts every single day and I am eagerly awaiting its appearance on the Mac. It’s so simple but it makes me so happy.

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Very excited for this. This is going to take “distraction-free” to a whole new level. Happy to try out any betas or help in any way.


This topic is my reason for being here :wink: SO good to hear that it’s coming. I’d love to be on the beta as well, if that’s possible.

Cheers, mat

I am so very excited for this. I’ve often wished there was a way to interact with my Drafts on my Macs. Can’t wait. Would be very happy to help beta test.

i can’t wait. literally, give it to me now! :wink:

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Great news! I’d love to beta test this!

Really pumped for this, as a newish Mac user. Hoping to hear more soon!

Any chance to get in on the Mac beta? Have been long time iOS user.

I second this! As a long-time user of Drafts and now a subscriber of Drafts Pro, I’d love to give the macOS beta a test drive. Please let me know if there is any room in the pool of beta testers and where I can formally sign-up.


I third this!
Any chance to get on the beta?

I emailed support and requested to be on the beta, and received this reply:

Thanks for the interest. We will announce a beta program and application process on the Community site when something is ready to distribute in beta form.

So I think there is no need to make requests until there is a beta announcement.


I downloaded it as soon as I saw the Tweet and it already looks great. Can’t wait until the Actions become available.

Impressed the drafts I had already on iOS just appeared in the Mac app. Brilliant News…

This is just so awesome. I downloaded it about an hour ago and already love it. Congrats!

It wouldn’t work for me.
I’m running Mac OS 10.14 on my MacBook Pro and iOS 12.01 on an iPhone 8+. I am a Drafts Pro subscriber.
I downloaded the Drafts Mac Beta from https://getdrafts.com/mac/beta/. When I launch it, a note over the Drafts app popped up, saying I had to have Drafts Pro on my iOS. I open Drafts on my iPhone, click on quit on my MacBook Screen and the MacBook Pro app shuts down. Any suggestion?

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YES!!! Best news of the week! Playing with it now!

Happens on my iPad too sometimes… I have a few drafts in my inbox that are archived on my phone - but then show up in my inbox on iPad (and in this case macOS) - will have to play around with it.