Drafts for Mac: Show keyboard shortcuts next to action name

In the ‘Manage Action Groups’ window on Drafts for Mac, keyboard shortcuts (for any action with a keyboard shortcut) are shown to the right of the action name.

It would be great if they could also be shown (in the same way) in the actions list that can optionally be shown in a pane to the right of the editor, perhaps with a toggle to show or hide them.

I add the keyboard command to the name of the action. Those show up in the Actions List with the keyboard command right next to it.


They are displayed in the Actions menu in the main menu - which I would argue is the primary reference for keyboard shortcuts on the Mac.

They also appear in the tooltip if you hover over an action.

I can see it being a useful option to display them in the list, too. Will keep that in mind, but I certainly don’t think it should be the default.

I noticed that they’re listed in the Actions menu, but (for me at least) this seems a less helpful place as to see them - especially so if there are a number of action groups - as seeing them involves many more keyboard presses or the use of the mouse. I agree that it makes sense that they are shown here. But don’t find it particularly helpful for my actions.

I guess that both the shortcuts being displayed in the menu and the tool-tip are great for reminders. But when one has a decent number of actions, remembering isn’t really a viable option, and reminders become less useful than clear labelling.

My use case would be that I can quickly toggle the Action list display (I would usually have it hidden) and then be able to quickly see what keyboard combination is needed to invoke the action I want. All without having to grab the mouse. I could (and have considered doing so) add the keyboard shortcut into the name, but this seems a kludge and wouldn’t look as good or as clear as it could if built in.

For me at least, the way it looks in the Manage Actions panel would be perfect - even if it’s optional.

If you want to stick to the keyboard - but have trouble remembering shortcuts, you may find the quick search feature coming in R19 (like next week) will be a better option for you.


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@_Dan: I have problems remember shortcuts with so many software on my Mac. Found an app (free too) that shows keyboard shortcuts as long as they’re listed in Menu. Just hold down ⌘-Key. Cheetsheet, https://www.mediaatelier.com/CheatSheet/. App doesn’t work on all software but seem to work on most that I have, including Drafts.

@agiletortoise: that’s why I subscribe to Draft with constant updates, look forward to R19 :slightly_smiling_face: . Hopefully more Dark themes.

Thanks for the suggestion; I have tried CheatSheet in the past and never really got on with it. I think I was triggering it unintentionally a bit too much and in terms of this use case - looking for shortcuts for actions - I think it would be a bit too busy.

I’ll hold out hope for the ability to show them in the action list at some point in the future.

But for now I’ll look forward to trying the new quick search feature when it ships.