Drafts for Mac - Allow me to see through a Draft

I’d like to have a slider to allow me to raise or lower the opacity of the background of a Draft when it’s set to stay on top of apps behind it. Here’s my example.

When I’m in a Zoom meeting, I use Drafts to take notes. Rather than have to relegate Drafts to a small window that I’m trying to not have cover someone else on the call, I’d like to be able to adjust the opacity of the background of my Draft so I can both take notes during a Zoom, but also see through it to the person or content behind it.

An example of where I use this feature in another app is Teleprompter Premium. When I have notes displayed on my screen during a Zoom call, I can adjust the transparency of the window so it can be covering as much of my screen as I want it to, yet I can still see through it to the content behind it.


Totally agree! Something similar to: ‎Transparent Note on the App Store

I am using a 16" and I don’t have enough real estate! So, agree!

This is pretty non-trivial to implement with complex multi-element windows like Drafts has. It’s something I’ve looked into before but don’t think will likely be added.