Drafts for Mac - Allow me to see through a Draft

I’d like to have a slider to allow me to raise or lower the opacity of the background of a Draft when it’s set to stay on top of apps behind it. Here’s my example.

When I’m in a Zoom meeting, I use Drafts to take notes. Rather than have to relegate Drafts to a small window that I’m trying to not have cover someone else on the call, I’d like to be able to adjust the opacity of the background of my Draft so I can both take notes during a Zoom, but also see through it to the person or content behind it.

An example of where I use this feature in another app is Teleprompter Premium. When I have notes displayed on my screen during a Zoom call, I can adjust the transparency of the window so it can be covering as much of my screen as I want it to, yet I can still see through it to the content behind it.


Totally agree! Something similar to: ‎Transparent Note on the App Store

I am using a 16" and I don’t have enough real estate! So, agree!

This is pretty non-trivial to implement with complex multi-element windows like Drafts has. It’s something I’ve looked into before but don’t think will likely be added.

I use Quick Capture more than the main Drafts window. Will it be easy to implement on single window Quick Capture? But I’m guessing it will create inconsistencies in experience and will create more support request :slight_smile: