Drafts for iPad taking up a lot of space?

Drafts on my iPad takes up about 3,1 GB of storage space. Whereas Drafts on my iPhone takes up about 289 MB.

Does anyone know how I can reduce the amount of storage of Drafts on my iPad?

That seems quite unusual. Do you have iCloud sync active between the two devices? iCloud Drive active on both? I would expect pretty similar usage, if so.

Thank you for your reply. Yes to both, I’m afraid

I’d start by looking around in iCloud Drive > Drafts. That usage figure includes any content in the app’s iCloud Drive folder.

Especially check the Backups folder for excessive backups. Possible you have the automatic backup feature enabled without a limit on the number of backups to keep, and they are building up. If this is only enabled on iPad, those might be local on that device and never downloaded to the iPhone, thus the difference.

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That was indeed the case! Both iPhone and iPad apps were set to back up all every week!

I had a look and the Drafts iCloud folder was identical on both my iPhone and iPad, of course. They both have a lot of files in them. But somehow the storage was tied to the iPad.

Can I safely delete all these backups without the latest one? And then expect the number to dwindle on my iPad?