Drafts Cross-Linking with „?“ in Title is broken (iOS) - Expected or Bug?

Hi all.

I was on a web browsing session and captured some new drafts with the Share-Sheet.
Some of them had a questionmark in their title which is the 1st line in the resulting draft.

When trying to link those Drafts internally [[Name of draft]] the ones with a „?“ in the name always generate new drafts and never get linked.
I searched the documentation for „unusable“ characters but found nothing - the [[safe_title]] is not supported in the Share-Sheet.

So is this expected or is this a bug?

Using this as a title
„ How to think like a Frog? - The poor mans guide to whatever“
And linking with the exact name always generates new drafts.

Using it without questionmark works as expected:
„ How to think like a Frog - The poor mans guide to whatever“

Any information?
Thanks in advance and kind regards.