Drafts created on Apple Watch, how to do searching or automated tag annotation?

I have drafts added on my watch, and want to have a workspace where just these drafts are shown.
But I can’t find how to do that.

The metadata is present, as when I do “Get info” I can see the “device” field being populated with “Watch”.
But in workspace filters I don’t see filters for device (or location, too, BTW).

Is it impossible to filter/search by device at the moment?

Plan B that I’ve tried was adding a tag “watch” on creation, but I can’t find how to do that too, is it possible at all to have default templates?

And I’ve tried searching the forum and documentation, and starting to suspect that maybe I’m using wrong terminology, as there should be something on this topic.

In the settings of Drafts on your iPhone you find the section Extensions with an Apple Watch sub-section. There you can set one or more tags which will automatically get added to each draft created on the Apple Watch. Then create a Workspace that shows only items with that specific tag(s).


Once you get your tags automatically assigned, this may be of interest…


Thanks! That’s exactly it.