Drafts crashing when typing colon

I have an issue with Drafts on iPad and iPhone. If I try to type a time ( 09:00 etc ) Drafts immediately crashes when I type the colon.

Any ideas anyone ? Its rendered Drafts pretty much unusable for my daily journal at the minute…

Some things you could try with each device:

  • See if there is a difference in behaviour between adding to a new draft vs editing it into an existing draft.
  • Any difference in behaviour if you try different syntaxes.
  • Any difference if you use a different software keyboard (or hardware).
  • Force close and then reopen the Drafts app.
  • Reboot device.
  • Remove and reinstall Drafts.

For what it’s worth, I did try but could not reproduce this behaviour.

@sylumer thanks for the suggestions but none has any effect I am afraid…

If there is not any change in behaviour on either device through those actions and variations, I’d recommend opening a direct support request.


Aha ! Found it…
I had entered colon into the Auto complete trigger… my bad.