Drafts Capture on iMac: append, prepend, save, etc are missing

Drafts on Mojave
I am watching the Draft for Mac video.
In the video, Sparks creates a new capture from the menu, and then appends or prepends it to an existing draft.
When I click Menu bar → Drafts icon → Capture I do not see the append and prepend icons shown in the video.
Below are snapshots
1- from the video tutorial and
2- a snapshot taken on my computer.

Thank you for your time and help

It looks as though you’re looking in the wrong place.

The first of your images shows the ‘Quick Capture’ panel. I’ve changed my keyboard shortcut so it’s no use me telling you what to press, but look in preferences (cmd ,) to see what ‘Quick Capture shortcut’ is mapped to. Press this key combination to invoke this quick capture screen; which is a great way to create a quick note without opening the main app.

Your screen shot shows, I think, a note/draft typed into a draft within the main app. The options you’re after: append, prepend, etc aren’t available here. My understanding is that actions (as available in the iOS app) are coming… but not yet. At that time it would, I’d think, be able to do such things from the main app.

For now though… give the Quick Capture a go. It’s really ever so useful.

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thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.
I followed your instructions, typed the correct shortcut; prepend, append, etc are still absent.

Try this… (it’s possible that this needs a Pro subscription - but then you may have that).

  • click the arrow beneath Markdown (bottom-leftish)
    This should show Inbox, Flagged, Archive, All in the bottom of the window
  • Select an existing draft/note (mine below is called ‘more text’ and is in the Inbox)
  • To the far left of each draft in the list in the bottom half is a plus sign in a circle, click this
    This should add the Prepend|Append buttons in the bottom right of the top half (if you see what I mean!)

Here’s a screen shot which may help:

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You are very kind and patient, and I feel like an idiot. I still don’t get it.
It’s funny: my use of the term idiot triggered a forum warning popup, stating that one must be civil and insults are not tolerated.
pro: yes
I followed your instructions There is nothing, nada, no pane below the line with ‘Markdown’ written on it.
There is no inbox, flagged, archive, etc
In addition, we have the same version of Markdown.
The only thing that I can click on it the small arrowhead next to Markdown which leads to a drop down list to choose the editor I want.
I am using the latest version of Draft Pro on Mojave latest version.
thanks again very much

My instructions were brief and vague so I think ‘idiot’ is a little harsh on yourself!

I don’t use this feature (or at least haven’t) so I’m sort of figuring it out as a I go… hence some of the vagueness.

Invoke the Quick Capture window; and then try again with my instructions… it’s only here that you can append/prepend to an existing not. And before being able to do you, you need to select a specifc note/draft to add to.

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OK thank you Dan. I will try again.