Drafts Capture on Chrome not working

When I sign into the Drafts Capture request for iCloud authentication, it just get recycled back to the request for authentication. It doesn’t actually capture this.

I had this problem before. Is there a way to make the captures more reliable? Seems like others use a Web Extension and that works.

First thing to try is other browsers on the same machine. Any issues? Could be a number of things from browser extensions, to network security policies.

I have the same problem with Chrome. Version 100.0.4896.75 (Official Build) (arm64) on Monterey 15.3.1.

The authentication in Safari and Firefox work without any issue.

UPDATE: I have also tried Chrome in anonymous window and it works there

I have tested, and have many people using Web Capture, in Chrome. So hard to troubleshoot these things when they seems specific to certain configurations/networks.

  • If you open up Chrome’s web inspector (View > Developer > Developer Tools), do you see any JavaScript errors in the console when trying?
  • Do you have any extensions active in Chrome, and if you disable them does it help.
  • Is this a corporate device and/or a corporate network that might be enforcing security policies related to iCloud?