Drafts Capture not working on Mac

I’m trying to get Drafts Web Capture to work on my Mac. When I click on https://capture.getdrafts.com, I get presented an opportunity to authenticate with Mac. I do so, then I get an error message of “Authentication Error This action could not be completed. Please close the window and try again.”

I’ve rebooted, I’ve closed and re-opened Safari, I’ve turned off VPN, I’ve removed content blockers and popup blockers from Safari, and still no luck. I tried DuckDuckGo. No luck.

Drafts capture DOES work in Edge.

Any suggestions on how to get it working in Safari? Thanks!

Are you doing this on a work/school device that might have security policies applied? That’s the most common issue, when some security policies block access to iCloud.

Otherwise, the next thing to try is to enable developer mode in Safari, and open the inspector to see what, if any, errors are occurring. My guess is that the CloudKit javascript libraries are being prevented from being loaded.