Drafts BuJo Scripting


Hello! I’m very new to drafts and new to scripting in general, I’m sure some of you are familiar with Bullet Journals or “Bujo”. It’s a journaling/GTD/calendar system that can be as minimalist or fancy as you choose.

Structurally it relies on daily/weekly checklists, long term planning/checklists, and a few other functions.

The main idea is you make daily to-do’s which you either accomplish, or decide to move to the next daily checklist or log in a “Future Planning” checklist for future attention. In pen & paper version of this, you use various characters or symbols to move or cancel a task. Examples here: http://zenofplanning.com/perfect-bullet-journal-key/

I was wondering if there was a way I could create scrip to recognize characters at the end of a “Tasks” line to process them into other drafts such as a “Future Planning” draft, move to calendar, etc.

Edit: I tried to search around this community to see if this has been addressed but was unable to find anything. I feel like Drafts power users would fall in the same Venn diagrams as those who use minimalists BuJo’s.


Certainly possible. You could have a script based action that you use to process a draft andnthat takes each line, checks for whatever marker you are using and then does something with that line based on what it found.

Take a look in the action directory at things that work with tasks and I’d suggest specifically Taskpaper. Quite often task actions process on a line by line basis and might give you a basis for your own bullet journal action; but Taskpaper in particular uses markers at the end of lines for completion, projects, etc., that might give you an additional jump start.