Drafts Beta Program - Preview Actions on the Mac!

The next major update to Drafts is ready for broader testing, so we’ve opened up a new beta program for early adopters.

The focus of this release is the addition of action functionality to the Mac version. The iOS versions is also seeing some related additions, and some nice performance improvements in this update cycle.

Betas are not for everyone - there’s plenty of unfinished work - but if you are excited about the new features and would like to help stomp out the bugs and identify the missing pieces, jump on over to the beta page for details.

And, please read the information on that page and the related linked pages to understand how to provide feedback, and to set expectations about action functionality. Thanks!

Get Started: Beta Program Information


Congratulations on the steady development and progression of the mac version. I still remember the day it came out (in beta): a gift from the gods.

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That’s awesome. Thanks. Tried my first action and it worked without perfectly!

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URL steps for Bear, Day One, and Agenda just worked. Yay!

Also: love that you can include/exclude individual steps in Actions for iOS or Mac. Really nice!

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System requirements?

No changes to requirements. 10.13 or higher.

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Congratulations. Downloaded and installed across the board.

That’s a relief! The latest BBEdit has stepped beyond what my system can support and I was afraid the Drafts update would make me even more of a dinosaur.

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I know this is not the place for feedback on the beta. But thank you. I’m in awe. All of the main actions I use daily simply worked on the first time. Fabulous.

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Yeah. I expected to do some tweaking but it just worked. Well done!

I’m really impressed. Ulysses and OmniFocus actions are all working flawlessly out of the box.

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I’d like to participate, but the Beta Program Information link is giving a 404 for me.

Use this link. There’s also a link on that page to the i*OS beta info.