Drafts Beta Program Openings

Interested in testing upcoming Drafts features? We need testers in the beta program and would love to have your feedback.

If you are interested, please read all the details on the Beta Program page - and sign up for the Slack to discuss beta issues and features.

Currently the beta program is testing iOS 14 and macOS 11 builds - but no need to be running beta OSes to test, we need people on existing versions of the OS to ensure compatibility as well.


I’m testing both on “old” kit: MacOS 10.15.6, iOS 13.6, iPad OS 13.6. So, for now, you have at least one regression tester.

Running iOS 13 and iPad OS 14 so I’m covering that kind of cross contamination and regression testing.

OS 14, iPad Pro (2 different models) and iPhone 11