Drafts being overwritten

I think I have a problem I haven’t seen before, but I am not sure what to expect from Drafts in terms of syncing. I noticed today that edits I make to a document on one device are being discarded on another. My scenario might be unfair though. I keep the same document open on several devices and make edits to them throughout the day. Sometimes just two devices, MacOS and iPhone. Sometimes an additional iPad and additional Mac. I leave this document open on all devices.

I have not noticed any lost edits until today. I have the latest Drafts App on all devices. And I just went through the iCloud Sync trouble shooting document on this site.

Could this be a bug? Or am I expecting too much from the the sync process?


Sync has a silent “last-edit-wins” way of managing conflicts. Nothing gets lost, as versions are created in the version history for any conflicts.

So, if you edit the same draft on multiple devices while one is offline or delayed in sync for reasons (network, whatever), when sync restores, the last edit will be made the current version of the draft. Which sounds like what you are seeing.

In practice, this doesn’t come up too often, because sync is generally quite fast, but it can happen, especially if you are simultaneously working on the same draft in multiple places.

Thanks for the update.