Drafts Backup to the Mac hard drive

I would like to periodically backup Darfts to the Mac so that a 3rd party app (iDrive) provides a 2nd cloud backup copy of the Drafts data (beyond iCloud). iDrive backs up Desktop, Document and Picture folders.

Per Drafts Guide I can ‘Backup Now’ and select a folder on the Mac to store the data backup, but when I ‘Backup Now’ the actions and workspaces … it defaults to iCloud

Just a note … in the instruction guide it states " To make a backup on-demand, or to enable periodic backups visit Settings > Storage > Backups (iOS) or File > Preferences > Backups (macOS)." However, the Mac navigation is ‘Drafts > Settings > Backups’ … at least in the latest OS version Sonoma 14.1.

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I don’t know about iDrive, but can you not just add the iCloud Drive/Drafts/Backups folder to the list of folders it backs up? Or is it not configurable for options like that?

If not, I would suggest you have a utility periodically copy items from the Drafts backup folder to another location that is backed up. I use Hazel for this type of automation, but it can also be done with Finder Quick Actions or similar.