Drafts as a viable replacement for Pinboard?

Long time Drafts user here and also a Pinboard user. I’ve been looking around and haven’t been able to find anyone talking about this, but I’m considering the possibility that Drafts could be a viable replacement for Pinboard, or at the very least a good backup. Has anyone considered this or does anyone currently use Drafts as a means to store bookmarks with tags?

As a pinboard user, I would never think of using Drafts as a viable replacement, and I’ve used Drafts coming up for 8 years this summer. This is principally because pinboard does what it does and does it very well. Horses for courses etc.


Instead of Pinboard, you might want to try this https://raindrop.io

It does do it well. I’ve just been having a lot of problems with reliability when it comes to Pinboard over the last several months, especially working more on iOS. One of the chief reasons I love Pinboard so much is that the subscription is the business model and so I’m looking around for ways to leverage extensible tools I already use. I have about 40K bookmarks on Pinboard and ever if there was a service I use and would happily pay more for, it’s Pinboard.

Looks nice for sure. The MacStories folx seem to like it a lot. I may have to check it out. Thanks!

FWIW, it’s been fine for me on iOS recently. I use with the Pinner app, though I’m not sure if that is actively supported any longer. I dropped the archive bit a few years ago as I found I very rarely used it.

I just started with Raindrop.io about a month ago and it seems to work well. Have you figured out a good way to share URLs directly from a hotlink to raindrop via Drafts? Sometimes I want to right-click a URL and send it straight to raindrop for reading later, instead of opening the browser, waiting for the page to load, then triggering the browser plug-in, then tagging, etc…

I think you can configure the ‘services menu’ to get the outcome that you want