Drafts and right to left langages issue?


I use drafts for my studies and if I happen to write a word in arabic (in the first line of the draft) all my notes in french are then written on the right side of the screen.

Is there a way to have my notes begin from the left margin ?In fact, if I hit a carriage return, the last sentence goes on the left, but then after a while it returns on the right.

Is ther a way to indicate that I want draft to write from left to right in a section, and from right to left in another ?

I added a picture to be more precise.

Thanks for your help.

Combining LTR and RTL languages is very tricky, especially with dynamically rendered syntax highlighting. I’ve played with solutions a few times. Drafts has some handling to do it as you type, but that is not maintained when you reload a document.

I’ve really not seen any other apps that handle this well (including Apple’s, like Notes). iOS has APIs to guess language that are pretty good, but it’s not really practical to constantly be re-evaluating full texts line by line and predicting language intent.

I think you have to move to a word processor type environment which alignments and styles are explicitly assigned to text blocks to handle it consistently.

Thank you for your reply !