Drafts and iOS 13.4 pointer control

My initial impressions of iOS 13.4’s trackpad pointer control with Drafts is that it works quite well. The pointer changes smoothly from circle to vertical line when you move it from a blank area into a text area.

The only problem I’ve seen is that dragging text from one place and dropping it in another—which I’ve done by mistake a couple of times—is not undoable. This isn’t undoable when you drag with your finger, either, but I’ve never mistakenly dragged text with my finger before.

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Seems to be the standard system behavior. I’ll take a look and see if I can intervene. Of course undo works in Notes, but does not seem to in any of the third party apps I tried. :frowning:

If I recall correctly there are some issues with delegate methods not getting called on UITextView with some drag and drop operations. Maybe something Apple has to address.