Drafts 5 subscription working on iPad but not on iPhone

Has anyone else seen this ?

  • Drafts 5 Pro works fine on my iPad, but
  • on my iPhone, the Pro features are not available, and
  • if I click the buy buttons, I am simply told that I am already subscribed.

Have I perhaps missed some activation trick ?

A / the trick seems to be to:

  • bail out, (assuming that data is backed up),
  • root and branch delete the app (loses all data, actions etc. so be careful …)
  • reinstall …

Not sure where the glitch/failure is, but that procedure seems to have worked – this time at least.

Did you try the “Restore Purchases” button?

I hope so : -) I did try as many things as I could think of, and I have had to use ‘restore purchases’ before so it would surprise me if I did skip that, but certainly not impossible.

Certainly a useful reminder of the basics in case anyone else bumps into this.

( I think it may be related to the special circumstance in which Drafts 5 was already installed on another device when the Pro subscription was started. Registration at (1) subscription purchase and (2) app install both seem to work well, but perhaps there is more room for glitch when it depends on registration via subsequent sync to another copy.

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Wouldn’t discard the “iCloud sync not working” option if that happened yesterdary. I bought an app on my ipad and on the iphone it was asking me to buy again. Went to the “purchased” section and it was available for download. Maybe the same happened to you with Drafts?

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Possible dependence on iCloud is an interesting point – it could be that Drafts (or subscription propagation) depends on iCloud in a way that I haven’t properly understood.

The app store was connected and showing the subscription, but I don’t make use of iCloud for syncing drafts or other documents – either on iPhone or on iPad.