Drafts 5 reviews and coverage around the web

Some really great coverage of Drafts 5 on release day. Thanks to all the people and sites that have posted. Feel free to add other resources you have found in replies.

Reviews, etc.

How-to and informational articles

Screencasts, video

Podcasts, etc.

  • Do By Friday: The Doodler
    • Drafts developer Greg Pierce joins hosts Merlin Mann, Max Temkin and Alex Cox for an irreverent discussion of Drafts. NSFW, but lots of fun. Drafts stuff starts around the 45 minute mark.
  • MacBreak Weekly 606
    • Quick discussion of the coming update with Leo Laporte and Rene Ritchie.
  • Upgrade 189
    • Merlin Mann and Jason Snell discuss what makes Drafts useful.
  • Connected 189
    • Federico Viticci, Stephen Hackett, and Myke Hurley discuss the new release.