Drafts 5 on Mac - Send current note to Typora.app

Howdy! Long-time user first post:

  • Looking for the most direct route to send the current Drafts note to a new Typora file via a single Drafts action (Mac only).
  • Trying to avoid having to “share then select app,” as Typora is my primary MD editor.

Where I’m at in general:

  • I have 20-30 actions on Drafts iOS that I mostly use to create MD docs in pre-defined folders or prepend text to pre-defined MD docs. (target = dropbox)
  • I have experience with Automator and Keyboard Maestro.
  • Some experience with Applescript, URL schemes and shell scripts.
  • Not familiar with JS for automation.

I’m probably just missing something, so any advice or FAQ-pointing-out appreciated. I’m up to try anything required for the one-click or one-keycommand functionality.

Thanks for reading :metal: