Drafts 5 - new draft after X

My drafts persist. I had set the amount of time before a new draft is created to 3 minutes, but whenever I came back to the app, the last one I worked on would still be open. I knocked it down to 60 seconds, but that didn’t change anything. I do not have focus mode turned on. Any idea what else I might be doing wrong?

maybe you turned on the focus mode? look at the bottom of the screen (when the keyboard is not present) there is an eye on the left side. if it is filled out the focus mode is enabled and your current draft will be present until you disable the focus mode (thats a feature not an issue).
If its not filled out that has to be a bug…

Thanks, FlohGro. Apparently it was related to a sync problem between my devices. I toggled iCloud Sync off and on (on both my iPhone and iPad), and that seemed to fix both the syncing issue and the create new draft after X problem.