Drafts 5 Markdown to Evernote

Hi there,

I need some help. I am not a programer and I do not understand much of the programing language that happens in these posts, so please be patient with me.

I love Drafts and I use it as my primary information inbox for anything I need to do, save, remember, text, or email. I want to take notes in drafts, and I love Markdown, but I cannot get them to format correctly when I transfer to Evernote.

Can someone please assist, and walk me through how to make this happen. I am sure there is a solution. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Start with this standard action from the action directory.

Then let us know exactly what, if anything, you are having issues with.

Note that not all syntax is supported by Evernote. You can find a few discussions about that on this forum.

Thank you, that works the way I would like except:

Is there anyway to make the top line of the draft the title of the note in Evernote?

I would think that just changing “[[time]]” to “[[title]]” and “[[draft]]” to “[[body]]” ought to do the trick.

Thank you, it worked for the most part. I appreciate it.