Drafts 5 is released

Drafts 5 is now available in the App Store.


Looking forward to using it. Have had Drafts 4 for quite a while and never really got into using it. Recently listening to different Podcasts and reading reviews, I think I’m going to dive all in on Drafts 5.


“Pre-ordered” Drafts 5 on App Store yesterday. As of 2018-04-18 9:00 AM (CST), there is no option to download the app.

Have another look. I was able to install around 9:35am EST.

Nope, not yet. I still see is a greyed-out “pre-ordered” button. I’m going to restart my iPhone & iPad and see what happens. Thanks.

Rebooting made no difference – I still can’t download to iPhone or iPad.

I’m sure Apple will push out the pre-orders properly soon, but if you don’t want to wait, looks like Ryan figured out the trick.


I have a serious problem with delay of gratification, so I jumped on the workaround. I am now a gratified Drafts 5 user – and soon-to-be grateful subscriber. Thank you.


Great work around! Thanks for the solution. Worked like a charm.

“I’m sure” like in “my friend Tim told me” or like “iMesssage sync will hit 11.3” :upside_down_face:

Congrats on the release, this makes me extra-angry because of my 7 is in repair, and I can’t sync D5 to the old 4S :sob:

After deleting the pre-order it still showed a grayed out button.

I had to log out of my App Store account, force quit the App Store app, then re-open. Then it was available.

Lots of us think Drafts is well worth the sub. I do. You clearly don’t. No one is forcing your hand to buy. You’re welcome to use the free version without paying a dime.


Oh Matti.
You can keep using Drafts 4 just as you have.
You can even use much of Drafts 5 for free.
But if you ever want to see Drafts 6, or Drafts for Mac, you need to support ongoing development.


I’d say voicing that complaint here is likely not worth your time. This is a forum for users of the product to get tips and discuss using the app. I’m fine with the payment structure since I want to support further development of apps I value and I value this app.


Then don’t subscribe… there is no reason to… especially if you are going to be spewing venom.

Stick with Draft 4 / 5.

I personally am subscribing because this is an invaluable app to me and my workflows for many years now.

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It is certainly worth my subscription to keep the developer working on updating Drafts.


This isn’t a place to come a attack the developer. This is for sharing Drafts related tips and materials.

Can we get this guy banned please? Keep the forum for what it’s for.


I would be very happy for all posts complaining about the subscription model flagged and removed as a default. Greg tried the “buy once” model with Drafts 4, and clearly it didn’t produce the desired result. We all need to support this truly unique app to make sure it keeps growing.

I am moderating them out as they are flagged. Any help flagging them is welcome, thanks.

I understand the subscription model is not for everyone, and anyone who wishes to discuss respectfully in a private channel is welcome to contact me, but this is not the place for it.


Please support the app to make sure Greig’s work is sustainable. Most of us is using the app as a serious utility essential to our workflows. Price of a few hamburgers - in a year ? Come on guys !!