Drafts 5 for Mac | Save to iCloud Driver?

Hi guys ~

Q: Can Drafts 5 for Mac saves the documents to iCloud Driver like the iOS version does?
So that I can find the documents in the actual folder of the iCloud Driver.

Once the Mac version gets actions it should be able to export drafts to iCloud Drive like the iOS version does. Greg has noted, and even shown, that he is progressing actions for the Mac in several places, so they are on there way.

In the interim you could just fire up Automator and create a service to save selected text to a folder in iCloud. Here’s what an example one looks like that I put together in a couple of minutes that just saves the text in a file in my Temp folder with a filename based on the current date and time.

This then appears on your services sub-menu under the Drafts menu.

CMD+A will select all text in the currently selected draft, and you can assign keyboard shortcuts to services, so you could make it as easy as a couple of key presses. Which I think, as an interim option, isn’t too onerous.

If you want to get more sophisticated pulling data from the title to name the file, etc. you could also do that sort of thing with Automator actions, even going so far as to use embedded scripts in the automation. But the aim here was just to give you the basic gist of an approach you could take for now.

Other automation tools such as Keyboard Maestro and the like could open up the opportunities even further I suspect.

Hope that helps.

Further to that, having just fired things up to check the latest preview version, I see an Export option under the File menu. This might be even more what you are looking for.