Drafts 5 breaksintegrations with Workflow, Airmail etc

When will these be updated.

Do you mean integrations from Drafts 5 to those apps or from those apps to Drafts 5.

For example the former exists for Workflow and the latter would be Apple’s responsibility to add in to Workflow, and until then you just use the x-callback-url scheme for Drafts.

Airmail I don’t use and so can’t comment.

Workflow used x-callback-url schemes for all it’s integrations. It just took the programming side out. But you can still do it all.

And for what it’s worth, Shortcuts (workflow 2.0) has drafts 5 built in so you don’t have to program that stuff if you don’t want too

I was able to port over my Airmail action from Drafts 4 to Drafts 5 easy peasy.

Sending to Drafts from Airmail is something that the Airmail devs still need to fix. They’ve been busy developing new apps like Cappuccino and Strike. That said, I’ve experienced some problems with sending to Drafts from the share sheet as I highlighted here. Obviously that’s not the same as AIrmail changing their action, but it might help alleviate it somewhat.

Drafts 5 supports all the same outbound actions to third party apps like Airmail that Drafts 4 supported and can migrate your existing actions.

It also has all the same capabilities for incoming automation via URL schemes. All the same things can be done from Workflow, but the URLs need to manually created because they have not updated their few convenience wrapper actions which point to Drafts 4. I doubt we will see an update to the Workflow app that fixes this, but it’s replacement the Shortcuts app from Apple which is in beta now has updated those actions to work with Drafts 5.

If you rely on those Workflow integrations you may wish to remain on Drafts 4 until Apple releases Shortcuts this Fall.

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If you want to update your workflows yourself rather than wait for Shortcuts, you can program the URLs yourself. It’s not a waste learning these even though Shortcuts will improve the support, because you can always create great custom actions yourself with these down the road!