Drafts 5 and Apple Watch - Dictation in other language

Hi there!
I am not sure if this is a request, an issue or a stupid question. I tried to find the answer in the community but I can’t. I am sorry if someone asked already about this here.

The thing is that I have an Apple Watch and I want to use the great feature of Drafts to capture text with my dictation but in Spanish… I can ask Siri and use other apps in the watch using Spanish commands, so I understand that is a limitation of Drafts. Am I right?

Thanks in advance!!

The Apple Watch dictation documentation covers changing language (near end).

You force touch in the dictation view to select language. It will default to the last language used in the app on iPhone.

Hope this helps!

But need to make when you press already the dictation and started.
Now Drafts in my watch is 100% more useful!


@agiletortoise Could you add an option to set Preferred Language for the Drafts app on iOS, please? It is possible to do that since iOS 13.

I’d like to have my iPhone in English but have Russian as a preferred language for dictation in Drafts app.

If you are using the Drafts Dictation interface it remembers the last language you selected and returns to it. Always has.

@agiletortoise Sorry, I should have mentioned that I’m using the dictation on Apple Watch.

As far as I can tell, dictation on Apple Watch uses system language by default, and changing the language every time with a long press is a bit cumbersome.

I’d love to be able to set the default language for Drafts only. That way dictation on Apple Watch will start with that custom language.
That seems to be possible since iOS 13: https://www.reddit.com/r/iOSBeta/comments/bxfkzm/feature_preferred_language_allows_individual_apps/
Sorry couldn’t find a better link.

That feature is not really applicable. It’s to allow the user interface localization to be different than the system default - if the app provides alternate language localizations.

That also would not apply to the Watch app, only to the iOS app - and not to dictation, per se.

Apple’s docs have always stated that the dictation language on the watch should launch to the same language as the last select keyboard language in the app on the iPhone. Which does not make a lot of sense, and never seems to have worked properly.

As it stands, there’s no APIs on the watch to allow Drafts to specify what language to launch dictation, so it’s at the mercy of watchOS to handle - and it seems to always default to the language of the device, regardless of what you last selected.

I’ve burned quite a few hours trying to find solutions to this one, but I think it’s in Apple’s court.

Thank you for the detailed response.

I might be wrong but changing the preferred language changes not only the interface localization but the dictation language too. I can consistently change the default dictation language on Apple Watch in Bear and in Telegram by changing Preferred Language.

I’m fine to have Drafts interface in either language. Being able to set a default dictation language on Apple Watch is priceless.

One thing you can do just just tell Siri to “open drafts”. That will put you right on the dictation screen and you can bypass any Apple or Watch system parameters. I’m assuming that will accept the language you have as the default in Drafts.