Drafts 5 and Apple Watch - Dictation in other language


Hi there!
I am not sure if this is a request, an issue or a stupid question. I tried to find the answer in the community but I can’t. I am sorry if someone asked already about this here.

The thing is that I have an Apple Watch and I want to use the great feature of Drafts to capture text with my dictation but in Spanish… I can ask Siri and use other apps in the watch using Spanish commands, so I understand that is a limitation of Drafts. Am I right?

Thanks in advance!!

Dictating in English and German on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch dictation documentation covers changing language (near end).

You force touch in the dictation view to select language. It will default to the last language used in the app on iPhone.

Hope this helps!


But need to make when you press already the dictation and started.
Now Drafts in my watch is 100% more useful!