Drafts 5.5.1 Released

Drafts 5.5.1 is now available in the App Store.

  • New: Arrange mode now has additional swipe actions to move a line to the top or bottom.
  • New: When searching action list, include separators displaying action group name in results.
  • New: Import file function (Tap and hold +, “Import File”) now recognizes drafts export, backups and action files and offers to individually import contents.
  • Fix: Adjustments to swipe gestures to avoid accidentally triggering the action list when scrolling.
  • Fix: Properly theme clear button and placeholder text in search fields and a number of fields in settings and action configurations.
  • Change: Updates document icons for associated file types.
  • Change: Adjust launch image slightly.
  • Change: Tapping on tag in recent tag suggestions should not reorder the list.
  • Fix: Using [[line|n..]] range could omit last line. This was a regression in the previous release.
  • Fix: Auto-list completion now participates correctly in the undo history.
  • Fix: List auto-completion now enabled for MultiMarkdown syntax.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog