Drafts 5.4.3 Released

Drafts 5.4.3 is now available in the App Store.

General Additions

  • Searching drafts in the draft list now supports “quoted strings” and -negated strings, Google style. e.g. You can search for "red dress" -blue and only drafts containing the full phrase red dress and NOT containing blue will be returned.
  • Global ⇧-⌘-F search drafts external keyboard shortcut.
  • “Merge” operation now has option on whether to place originals in archive, trash or leave them where they are.
  • “Rename Tag” and “Delete Tag” operations in drafts list operations to globally rename or remove a tag across all drafts.
  • [[template|path.txt]] template tag to load a template from a file in the /Drafts/Library/Templates folder in iCloud Drive. Docs

Scripting Additions

  • Workspace scripting object now has full support for creation and editing of workspaces, as well as the ability to query for drafts contained in the workspace. Docs
  • require(path); global script function which imports content of script in the /Drafts/Library/Scripts folder in iCloud Drive. Useful to reuse script libraries across actions, or when developing new scripts in an external editor. Docs
  • Additional parameters to Draft.query function to omit tags, and specify sort order. Docs

Other fixes and changes

  • Fix: Some improvement to pushing data to Apple Watch more actively.
  • Fix: Work on some cases where the search field would not display correctly.
  • Fix: Taskpaper indentation on wrapped lines not working properly.
  • Fix: Case where action with Callback URL step might not archive after success properly when run from a keyboard key.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog

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@agiletortoise The template docs link (https://forums.getdrafts.com/actions/templates) returns a 404.

I’m looking forward to reading it :slight_smile:

Also, a thousand thank yous for global tag editing!

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Take a look at the Utility Tags section here:


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Fixed the link, thanks.