Drafts 5.2.1 Released

Drafts 5.2.1 is now available in the App Store. Mostly bug fixes, with an enhancement to the new navigate feature.

  • New: Navigate window (access via down arrow at top right) now also offers navigation to recent drafts. Defaults to displaying recent drafts if current draft does not have any identifiable navigation markers.
  • New: Sprinkle in more user activity registrations. For those on the iOS 12 beta, these become available to be attached to Siri Shortcuts in iOS Settings > Siri. They will get created when you do things in the app, such as create a new draft via dictation, or load workspaces, etc. This is by no means an full implementation of any iOS 12 new features, but it does allow you to hook in things to shortcuts now…
  • Fix: Clean up a couple of crashers with unexpected arguments in scripting methods.
  • Fix: Avoid deadlock running OneDrive append action with a subfolder path configured.
  • Fix: If the URL provided to Drafts in an x-success parameter did not already have any parameters, return parameters might not get appended correctly.
  • Fix: Matching projects in Taskpaper syntax should be less greedy matching : in tasks.
  • Fix: Resuming dictation after editing while paused could lose edits.
  • Fix: Spotlight in-app search continuation was not configured properly.
  • Fix: Better handling of more than one watch connected to an iPhone.
  • Fix: Request refresh of calendar store data before script methods that read from calendars.
  • Fix: Crash deleting multiple action log entries.
  • Fix: Crash requesting product information from App Store in poor network conditions.

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Thank you!

Regarding the navigation ( window ) I found the following TaskPaper ( format / grammar ) file bugs:

  1. A line containing a colon ( anywhere ) is recognised as project.

  2. If you space out ( sub ) projects with empty lines, Drafts jumps to the end of the previous project / task / note and not to the beginning of the chosen one.

Nice job otherwise.

Thanks for the update!

There’s still the issue of JavaScript syntax highlighting (as I mentioned from the last build), but perhaps that’s intentional? Strings display as green, but everything else is just plain black text.

Ug. Not sure how that made it in the final build. Fixing.