Drafts 5.0.4 Released

Drafts 5.0.4 is out, bringing back a new, improved iMessages app, a few other new additions and a bunch of little fixes. Complete changelog

  • New: iMessages app is back and better than ever. With tag filtering, it makes it really easy to use Drafts as a snippet library to insert text into Messages. More information

  • New: Inbox/Flagged/Archive/Trash tabs in draft list now support drag and drop. Drag drafts from list onto them to move them (or assign flags).

  • New: “Inbox default swipe action” setting in “…” options of draft list. Allow changing of the default behavior of a full swipe on a draft in the inbox between “Archive” and “Trash”. Default is “Archive”.

  • New: External keyboard shortcuts for cancel (cmd-.) and continue (cmd-return) options in HTML Previews.

  • New: Improvements to drafts selection screen, which is used in iMessages, the Share extension and the app.selectDraft() method. Can now be filtered by a tag and archive can be browsed. Sometime down the road it will get better filtering, but this will do for now.

  • New: Twitter action now logs URL for tweet in action log when successful in the action log. - New: Twitter script object with updateStatus(string) method to post a tweet, returns bool success value. Details in scripting reference. Details

  • New: editor.deactivate(); script method to resign focus - opposite of existing editor.activate(); method

  • Change: Update MultiMarkdown from 6.0 to 6.3.2 to incorporate latest fixes/updates. Includes a few bugs rendering tables w/o opening closing pipe characters and with maintaining indents in code blocks.

  • Change: Improve margin calculations to better optimize readable line lengths, especially on the big iPads.

  • Change: Use Safari View Controller in-app to open http links in Link mode.

  • Change: Improved refresh of processed updates when viewing a draft on Apple Watch.

  • Change: Improve visibility in Workspaces Today widget.

  • Change: A few tweaks to Evernote login process to try to fix login for some in China - this may or may not help users seeing these issues, please report back.

  • Change: Some improvements for migrating actions from Drafts 4.

  • Fix: editor.undo(), editor.redo() were not working properly.

  • Fix: Maintain position of quick access tabs (both Workspace and Action Groups) after selecting new tab.

  • Fix: Text could go behind keyboard row on iPhone X with external keyboard connected. - Fix: Crash accessing App Store with poor network connectivity.

  • Fix: Clean up a few crashes calling Javascript methods is bad arguments.

  • Fix: Do not allow edit of name in current list options workspace.

  • Fix: VoiceOver issues with tag selection and editing.


Clicked the link against iMessages for More Information and get page doesn’t exist or is private error.
Incidentally I’m just listening to the Vector Podcast on subscriptions :slight_smile:

Fixed the link, thanks.

I am having issues switching drafts on iPhone X with this release. I tap in to the draft make an edit then swipe to get back to the list of drafts and then when I touch other drafts they don’t open. The list stays on top. Sometimes the keyboard is on top of the list. I have to touch the arrow at the bottom to move it. Then I can’t get back into the cabinet of drafts by touching the top left icon.

Since the update I’m having issues viewing an existing draft that is longer than default page view in iPhone. The iPhone keyboard appears by default when I open the draft. I can no longer scroll downward to view the bottom of the draft. The view just remains at the top of the draft.

Ah …

5.04 seems to render Drafts unusable on my iPad

Once I have swiped from the right to open the Actions list, it is no longer possible to close it, and the draft can’t get the focus for typing …

(Choosing an action doesn’t close it)

If I force the app to close, then I can type again when I restart it, but using the Actions list is now essentially out of bounds - it freezes the app.

It is possible to revert to 5.03 ?

The unclosable Actions panel was fixed by a root-and-branch delete of the app, and a reinstallation.

(Make sure, of course, that you have some kind of back of your drafts and actions)

I fixed my issue as described below. Wholesale delete with iCloud data an reinstall from backup. iPad never had a problem oddly.

Drafts keyboard not available when I open the app.

Love this fix. Code blocks look great when previewed now.

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Also having issues with iPad layout.

Details: iPad Pro 12.9. Issue occurs when I swipe from one side and then the other (e.g. show the actions list and then the drafts list). The layout looks slightly off. And the touch points for buttons are slightly offset. Examples:

  • Selecting “Edit” on an action actually triggers the “Duplicate” button
  • Selecting the file icon to show the list of drafts actually triggers the + icon to create a new draft.
  • Also happens if I multitask (e.g. using Safari on half of the screen). It does not like this scenario.

Force closing does rest the layout so that is my work-around for now. :slight_smile:

I’ve already submitted 5.0.5 to Apple with a quick fix for this weird layout issue. If you force quit and use the buttons in the top corners instead of swiping you’ll be fine until this update gets approved.

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Is it possible to set the link mode so it opens in Safari? I find that works better for me.