Drafts 5.0.3 Released

Drafts 5.0.3 is out with improvements to drag and drop in the action list, and a bunch of little fixes. Complete changelog

  • New: Better drag and drop in action list. Actions can now be dragged between groups by switching group tabs, and also dropped on a different group in the group list to move them.
  • Fix: Automatic theme change would loose cursor position and not update keyboard appearance.
  • Fix: Rework implementation of “Insert text” to be faster and work better with TextExpander snippets.
  • Fix: Better updating of app badge when background sync completes or Siri creates draft.
  • Fix: [[selection]] tag not return correct result when selection was at very end of draft.
  • Fix: If a query was left in the draft list search field, it would get restored on a cold start of the app, but the not show in the search text in the text box making you wonder where all your drafts went.
  • Fix: Changes to tags made in scripting might not save if the action had after success setting.
  • Fix: Share extension might not immediately unlock pro features when subscription is initiated.
  • Fix: Clear button in recent tag suggestions would not stay in scrollable view.
  • Fix: Make sure custom template tags generated in an action are cleared when action is finished running.
  • Fix: Remove some overhead from scripts which manipulate editor selections to prevent some race conditions with the selection when actions are run quickly, repeatedly, like from a keyboard shortcut.
  • Fix: Case where bad tag filter could get applied to draft list after launching to search from widget.
  • Fix: Changing syntax highlighting for draft without making any other changes to draft did not save change.
  • Fix: Add “after success” label in group editing.
  • Fix: Scripting theme change should require Pro subscription.

The new drag and drop capabilities are simply extraordinary. Wow… Thank you.

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