Drafts 44 released: Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude, “Open to Match”

Drafts 44 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit the release notes.


AI: Google Gemini & Anthropic Claude Integration

Similar to existing integrations with OpenAI-ChatGPT, Drafts now provides wrappers for integrating Google Gemini and Anthropic’s Claude AIs into actions. For details, including example actions, see:

Other Updates and Changes

  • All Platforms
    • New: “Open to Match” submenu on drafts list contextual menus which open the draft directly to locations matching an active search query on the list. e.g. if you have “my-string” in the search box above the list, this “Open to Match” menu will include direct links to each of the matching strings within the draft, along with line numbers.
    • New: Prompt objects have new helpURL string property. If set to a valid URL string, an additional help button will appear in the prompt when displayed. Useful for actions that may require additional explanation to understand the input values desired.
    • Fix: Empty fenced code blocks should highlight in GitHub and MultiMarkdown syntaxes.
    • New: “Disable Pro” switch in settings to allow temporary use of free mode for troubleshooting purposes.
    • Fix: App should allow app icon to be changed back to default icon even if Pro is not active.
    • Fix: Ignore trailing > character in link detection in built-in syntaxes and link mode.
    • Change: Tighten up prompt/dialog spacing on iOS.
  • iOS
    • Fix: Avoid setting matching attributes on editor when in background to avoid odd scrolling behaviors returning to app.
  • Mac
    • Fix: Hang/crash that could occur when the same draft was open in multiple windows.
    • Fix: Triggering an alert in a script immediately after a call to draft.update on the same draft as is loaded in the editor could cause a timing issue causing the draft to revert to the content in the editor.
    • Fix: Better scrolling of prompts when navigated with keyboard.

Does “open to match” work in quick search too?

It does not work in Quick Search at this time. Might be added in the future, but there’s are some technical hurdles to make it work there I was not able to address prior to this release.