Drafts 44.2 released

Drafts 44.2 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit the release notes.


Updates and Changes

  • Change: Apple doesn’t publish its secret Apple Notes deep link URLs, and they are weird URLs based on an applenotes:note/ URL structure, but if you figure out how to get one, and put it in a draft, it will work with link mode and live links in the default Markdown syntax definitions now.
  • Fix: Auto-complete suggestions for linked draft titles which contain a forward slash should escape said forward slash in titles when inserting a link.
  • Change: If the “highlight insertion point” editor setting is enabled, only highlight insertion point if no text selection is present.
  • Change: Significant refactoring in editor code. In theory, should not effect any functionality – just laying some groundwork for future changes.
  • Fix (iOS): Prompt buttons should better respect dynamic type sizes.
  • New: Add new Claude 3.5 Sonnet Model to Anthropic known model list.
  • Fix: A few fixes for the HTML to Markdown conversion functions used when pasting HTML, specifically for cases where the HTML contained multiple links that also had emphasis tags applied.
  • Fix (iOS): app.currentWindow.isDraftListVisible returned erroneous results on iOS.
  • Fix: Prevent link syntax patterns from wrapping a line in Markdown syntax definitions.