Drafts 44.1 released: Mac switches to system find-replace as default, bug fixes

After release an issue was found with the main window not appearing on versions of macOS prior to 14. A quick fix (v44.1.1) has been submitted to Apple and should be out very shortly.

Drafts 44 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit the release notes.


Mac Find Default Change

Starting with this update, the Mac version of Drafts now defaults to using the macOS system find bar for find-replace by default. This is a simpler and familiar interface that should be a better experience for most users. The advanced find interface is still available and can be made the default by toggling the Edit > Find > Use Advanced Find option in the main menu if you have advanced find needs using regular expressions, etc.

Updates and Changes

  • All Platforms
    • New: Advanced Find now keep a history of recent queries that can be restored
    • New: Advanced Find now offers button to reverse the values in the find and replace fields.
    • New: Mail Drop setting to control whether attachment summary is included in the import.
    • Change: editor.showFind(preferAdvancedFind, initialQuery) adds new initialQuery optional parameter to pass in the initial find text.
    • Fix: Autocomplete for cross-links could erroneously suggests a recent draft with an empty first line, which would result in an invalid link.
    • Fix: Command Palette cached recent actions too agressively.
  • iOS
    • Fix: Editor not updating immediately when editor settings changed.
    • Change: Do not resign responder when backgrounded.
    • Change: Update minimum required iOS version to 15.6 (from 15.0)
    • Fix: Regression effecting links coloring and link mode activation.
  • Mac
    • Change: The editor now defaults to using the default system find/replace interface, which is simpler and more appropriate for most users. If you prefer the advanced find panel with reg. ex support, etc., enable “Use Advanced Find” in the Edit > Find menu, or in Settings.
    • New: Add “Get Info” menu command to the File menu.
    • Change: Some additional basic state restoration on Mac, like remembering collapsed toolbar.
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Is the goal of the change to Find to make Advanced Find more advanced without alienating people who don’t have regex in their lives?

After the latest update I noticed my quick note widget on the lock-screen on IOS has disappeared. Is there any chance we can get this back?

You are likely just experiencing flakey widget issues that sometimes happen after updates of apps with widgets are installed. Just reboot (power off-on) and it should come back.


Seems a lot like the flakiness of desktop widgets in Mac OS. (I’m not confident that the next versions will fix these. Perhaps… :slight_smile: )

You were correct. It reappeared!

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@agiletortoise The new use of system find-replace is great, solves my problem with selection visibility for many of my searches. Some of my searches will be best served by the advanced Find so it is nice to have as well. Thank you!

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