Drafts 43 released - Ghost Integration and OpenAI improvements

Drafts 43 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit the release notes.


Ghost Integration

Drafts can now post to the popular, open-source CMS/blogging platform Ghost. This includes simple posting through a new “Ghost” action step, as well as advanced scripting support for the Ghost Admin API allowing more advanced import-export, and other integrations to be possible.

For all the details, and ready-to-use example actions, visit our new Ghost Integration Guide

OpenAI Improvements, Support for Perplexity.ai

Previously, OpenAI scripting what hard-coded to work with only OpenAI-ChatGPT’s deployment of their own API. It is now possible to specify any endpoint which supports the OpenAI API –– allowing these integrations to work with Azure deployments of the OpenAI API, or other providers, like Perplexity.ai that provide access to alternate LLMs (like Llama) using a compatible API.

For details and example actions, visit the OpenAI Integration Guide

Other Updates and Changes

  • Fix: Command palette should draw from its own separate “recent” action suggestions.
  • Change: More consistent alphabetically sorting of tags in editor tag view when loading a draft.
  • Change: Deprecate quickTextEdit and quickCodeEdit functions of OpenAI object, as OpenAI has removed support for the edit endpoint from the API.
  • Fix(Mac): “Get Current Draft” URL and Shortcut intent not always correctly identifying the last focused draft window.
  • Fix(Mac): Select action prompt in “Include Action” action step should allow cancel
  • Change(Mac): Hold down option key when using menu bar menu to get “New Draft” option which opens in a new window.
  • Fix(Mac): Layout issue on auto-complete configuration screen.
  • Fix: WordPress scripting object could not be instantiated with a new initializer.
  • Change: Refactoring significant amounts of theming code.