Drafts 42.2.1 released: Bug fixes, address install issues on Series 3 watch

Drafts 42.2.1 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit the release notes.


  • Fix: Resolve issues preventing install to Apple Watch Series 3 devices for some users.
  • Fix: Library Summary charts would sometimes clip text in the tag counts.
  • Fix(Mac): Pasting with “Paste HTML as Markdown” enabled was not properly working with undo points.
  • Change: If conflicted action group is encountered in sync, create version of group in version history before updating.
  • Change: When importing an action group with a name matching an existing group, offer to replace existing group rather than install as new.
  • Fix: Outlook integration was failing to refresh OAuth tokens because Microsoft is weird, causing the need to reauthenticate.


  • All Platforms
    • New: Task widget font size configuration options, and some layout tweaks.
    • Change: Add absoluteDate and relativeOffset read only properties to Alarm objects.
    • New: Add editor.nextDraft() and editor.previousDraft() functions that mimic behavior of next/previous buttons in interface.
    • Fix: Quick search should scroll when selecting items with arrow keys.
    • Fix: “Show Current Tags” was not handling nested tags properly.
  • iOS
    • Fix: Layout issues with Quick Capture share extension on iPad.
  • Mac
    • Fix: Pasting on Mac with “Paste as HTML” enabled did not set undo registration properly.
  • Apple Watch
    • Change: Increase minimum supported watchOS version to 8.5.
    • Change: Minor watchOS widget layout changes.