Drafts 42.1 released: Hide actions from search, bug fixes

Drafts 42.1 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:


  • All Platforms
    • New: Actions and Action Groups have a new visibility toggle to allow hiding individual actions or entire groups from search results in the action list and command palette. Useful to hide utility and supporting actions you do not wish to clutter results.
    • Change: Return of the “Only Current Tags” option in the filtering pane, which limits the list of selectable tags to ones assigned to a draft in the currently visible draft list tab. Enable in (…) options above tag filters.
    • Fix: Improve the URL recognition patterns for the Live Links option added in v42.0.
    • Fix: Last workspace not getting restored properly on cold start of the app.
  • iOS
    • Fix: Workaround for issue with focusing the editor with VoiceOver enabled that only occurred on an iPhone running iOS 17.
    • Fix: If quick search was displayed by dragging down on editor, and canceled by tapping outside the view, the drag control might not be hidden.
    • Fix: Issue with auto-complete popup disappearing when querying for results in longer drafts.
    • Fix: Scrolling issue when navigating Quick Search with arrow keys.
    • Change: Disable auto-correct in tag entry
  • Mac
    • Change: Better VoiceOver announcements when changing folders in the draft list.
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My widgets are not showing anymore after this update. Might be because of something else, but it quite looks like it happened after updating. Worth noting that not only they don’t show, but there’s no option anymore for adding Drafts widgets (not that I can find).

Reboot. This is a bug at the operating system level with widget registration and typically a reboot force the system to reprocess the available widgets.

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I’m still getting widgets reverting to Inbox/Inbox - with Mac-native widgets on Mac. Rebooting doesn’t fix this.

My use case is having multiple widgets, each with their own workspace. This on an external 4K monitor to my MacBook Pro. (I happen to thus have the real estate to have multiple widgets.)