Drafts 41.1 released: Mostly Bug Fixes

Drafts 41.1 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:


Notable Changes

  • The character and word count display updated to always reflect the counts of the current selected text. This behavior is more consistent with other editors, and gives a quick way to get word counts for only a selection that previously required an action.
  • Action “After Success” options, that allow you to file or tag a draft when an action completes, have been expanded with an option to change the flagged status as well. Useful to, for example, be sure a flag is always cleared when a draft is processed with the action. Details

Other Updates and Changes

  • All Platforms
    • Fix: Opening a draft via Quick Search should update accessed time.
    • Fix: Make sure Command Palette does not include duplicate actions if any exist in the installation.
    • Change: Efficiency improvements to avoid some redundant or too frequent updates to UI elements.
    • Fix: A tag filter omitting a parent nesting tag should omit its child tags as well.
    • Change: If a workspace with tag filters using nested child tags is applied to the draft list, the tag filter pane should expand any necessary parent tags in the outline so the required filtered tags are visible.
    • Change: Display tweaks to HTML Previews and default templates, especially around title display.
    • Fix: Tapping a task should move cursor focus to that line, to prevent issues with scrolling to a previous cursor position.
    • New: app.lookup(term) function. On iOS it opens the system reference/dictionary window for the term, like selecting “Lookup” from the text selection menu. On macOS it opens the system dictionary to the term. Try the sample “Lookup” action to lookup the selected text in the editor.
    • Fix: Fix some issues with the way checking tasks participates in the undo stack. You should now be able to reliably use undo/redo on both iOS and Mac to reverse taps on tasks.
    • Fix: Support lines starting with task [ ] for strikethrough and dimming of completed items.
  • iOS
    • Change: Complete re-write of code handling keyboard frames and avoidance. This addresses a few nagging issues with improper display around the on-screen keyboard on iPad, in particular.
    • Fix: Keyboard layout issues in share extension on iPad.
    • Fix: left-right arrow keys would not move cursor in text field within a prompt.
    • Fix: Committing changes to the editor from Arrange mode should be undoable.
    • Fix: Workaround for uncommon crasher reloading autocomplete entries.
    • Fix: Do a better job targetting shortcuts and URLs to the foreground active window if multiple windows are open.
    • Fix: Performance issue using external trackpad/mouse with action bar on iPad.
    • Change: Try to workaround crasher enabling/disabling scrolling in the editor during some operations.
  • Mac
    • Fix: ESC and ⌘-return shortcuts not working in dictation sheet.
    • Fix: Display glitch in purchase screen on macOS 12 and less.
    • Fix: Workspace URLs not showing window if Drafts was already running and main window had been hidden.
    • Fix: Layout tweaks to draft list to try to avoid issue with incorrectly sized cells after sync data comes in and the list refreshes.
    • Fix: Selecting a workspace in a “Configure Window” action step did not always save.
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Thank you for the valuable update of the character count!

Recently I attended a national meeting with strictly controlled speaking times, first 2 minutes – and then only 1 minute (yes, I’m reading directly from Drafts on my iPhone), so I was in desperate need of precise timing. Now, I had to resort to two different scripts one for the timed speech and one for extra material, and move material between the two drafts.

Even though I have an Alfred workflow that counts the number of characters, words, lines, and estimates the times it takes to speak – or read quietly – those words, this useful utility directly in Drafts is highly appreciated.