Drafts 40 released: Compatibility Updates, Command Palette, Nested Tags, More

Drafts 40.0 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:


Updated OS version requirements:

  • iOS 15.0 or greater (was iOS 14.7 or greater)
  • macOS 10.15.1 or greater (no change)
  • watchOS 7.1 or greater (no change)

New Tag Filtering Interface


We updated the panel to the left of the draft list used for applying tag filters. A few notes about the new features:

  • The new panel has two “modes,” which can be switched in the (...) options menu at the top:
    • “Single Tag” mode (default): Only a single tag at a time can be selected. This allows filtering to work more like folder selection, and it is great for many people who prefer simple filtering.
    • “Multiple Tags” mode: Advanced multi-tag filtering, with support for all/any querying as well as tag omission.
  • The new Tag Filters appear if running iOS 16 or macOS 13 or greater. Older OS versions will continue to use the legacy filtering interface.

More about tag filtering

Nested Tags

As part of the update to the tag filtering panel, it now supports nested tags in the format parent-tag/child-tag. If you assign tags with a / forward slash, they will be treated as an outline in tag filtering, and filtering for parent will also find parent/child-a, parent/child-b, etc.

Nested tags can be useful to group related tags or subject areas when organizing your drafts.


As a side-effect of this change, tags may not longer be assigned with begin or end with the / (forward slash) character. If you have existing tags beginning or ending with a / they will remain assigned, but we recommend modifying those with the “Rename Tag” command, or action for compatibility moving forward. If you have any actions which assign tags that begin or end in “/”, they should be updated to reflect this change.

New Quick Search and Command Palette


The Quick Search window has been rewritten to focus on quick location and selection of only drafts. It significantly optimizes use with keyboards. Just hit shift-command-F and start typing.

There is also a new Command Palette window for quickly locating and running actions, opening workspaces, and running common commands. It is also optimized around use with a keyboard, just hit shift-command-P and start typing. Locating and running actions can be much faster than browsing through the action list.

More about Quick Search and the Command Palette

Apple Watch Updates

The Drafts Apple Watch app has migrated to the use of Widgets for complications on newer watchOS versions. In some cases this may require you set up your watch face complications again after the update.

A “Capture in Drafts” app shortcut is also now available and suitable for use with the Apple Watch Ultra’s action button.

General Updates

Quite a bit of work was done in this release to modernize various interface elements through the app and to align better areas that were divergent between the iOS and Mac versions. Most of these are subtle changes and not worth calling out individually, but taken as a whole, they make the overall experience better in several ways.

Other Updates and Changes

  • All Platforms:
    • Change: The small size home screen widget now displays four items when running on iOS 17 or macOS 14.
    • Fix: {{hashtag}} tag now working in Mustache template.
    • New: /commandPalette?query= URL scheme to launch directly to command palette.
    • Fix: Update to support Reminders / Calendar permissions changes when running on iOS 17 and macOS 14.
  • iOS:
    • Fix: Problem selecting workspace theme if existing assign theme was deleted.
  • Mac:
    • New: Update Mac toolbar to more modern layout.
    • New: Add “Copy” button in capture window
  • Shortcuts (iOS 17/macOS 14 only)
    • New: “Arrange Text” shortcuts action, which can be used with continuation returning result to next action in the shortcut.
    • New: “Dictate Text” shortcuts action, which can be used with continuation returning result to next action in the shortcut.
    • New: Shortcuts action to start/end Live Activity for a specified draft.
  • Scripting
    • Change: Significant increase in useful parameter checking errors logged to action log when incorrectly using function calls in the Drafts scripting library. If you use incorrect parameter types or are missing parameters on Drafts’ native javascript functions, you should now get more helpful feedback in the action log.
    • New: app.currentWindow.showCommandPalette(initialQuery) scripting function to display command palette, if available. (docs)
    • New: Tag.renameTag(oldTag, newTag) function. Returns the number of drafts effected. (docs)

Great changes - thank you :slight_smile: Only comment; I can invoke the quick search on ipad, but not the quick actions (Command + Shift + P). Is there any reason this may be?

Thank you for the update, great and appreciated as always.

Two issues:

  • Command Palette | Drafts User Guide mentions the Quick Search shortcut twice, not the Command Palette shortcut.
  • On iOS 16, both closing icons (upper right) look greyed out, but they are working.
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Can you open it from the menu on the search icon above the editor?

Possible you have another action assigned to that shortcut that could be conflicting?

Awesome update. The command palette for iOS guide says…

Scroll beyond the top of a draft in the editor (when not already editing the draft). This pull-to-search gesture is similar to pull-to-refresh in list views.

I only get the quick search option when I do so. Not sure if this is an error in the guide or I am missing something.

My widgets look like this. Pressing any button results in standard opening behaviour (empty draft). What to do?

First step, try restarting your device.

I already tried it, to no avail.

Remove and reinstall the widget?
That worked for me
Still waiting for reliable widgets after 4 os’s

I’m having the same issue (Shift + Command + P doesn’t bring up the Command Palette). I don’t see that I have any other actions assigned to that shortcut. Did you ever get it working?

Meanwhile, we can always use this Action created by @FlohGro

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Same experience here. Including after restart.

Removed the widget and added back on.

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Yes. I had to remove it and re-add it. It was the only method that worked.

Yeah I can open it via the menu. I couldn’t see any shortcut which is assigned to that combo - but is there a way I can look up shortcuts by assigned keys? Just to make sure I didn’t miss it

The ThoughtAsylum - Power User Action Group by @sylumer includes an action ‚TAD-Export Action Shortcut Keys‘ that puts all keyboard shortcuts of actions into a new draft.

You can find the actiongroup here:

Please read throug the setup documenatation first :slight_smile:

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The shipping version has a bug not making the Command Palette menu command visible on iOS 16. I’ll get out a fix for that…or, of course, if you update to iOS 17 today, it will start working.

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The cursor in the Quick Capture window is now in the tag bar and not in the editor when it is launched (wether by shortcut or menu bar).

This is a bug and not intended behaviour I hope. Or is there a setting for it I have not spotted yet?

Is it possible to customize the keyboard shortcut for the command palette? If so, then how can I do so?

You cannot change the assigned shortcut. You can install an action which opens the Command Palette, and assign it any keyboard shortcut you like.

On Mac, you can also use system features in System Settings > Keyboard to override any app’s menu item shortcuts.

That should be fixed in the 40.0.1 quick fix release that is out now.

A possible suggestion for quality of life improvement - in my mind, the tags work like “tag/subtag”, which is reinforced by the display of subtags under the “tag” parent. However, when adding a tag, I cannot simply start typing “subtag” and then hit the “tag/subtag” suggestion; instead, I need to type the full “tag/subtag” item to use it.

I expected that I’d be able to simply type subtag and tap the suggestion - perhaps this would be something that could be worked in?