Drafts 40.1 released: Fixes for issues

Drafts 40.1 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:


  • Change: Align watchOS Shortcut identifier for the “Show Capture” intent with iOS version, so it is possible to wrap it in a shortcut to use with Action Button on Apple Watch Ultra. Install this “Show Capture” Shortcut for example usage. If you assign this shortcut to your Action Button on watchOS, it will open Drafts ready for capture. The app also publishes an “App Shortcut” for this purpose, but as of watchOS 10.0, it is not possible to select an App Shortcut to assign to the action button on the watch.
  • Change: Command Palette action results were too limited. Increased the number of matching results returned.
  • Fix: Rename and Delete Tag global actions below draft list were not working properly.
  • Fix: Some added a couple of keyboard shortcut reservations to prevent conflicts.
  • Fix: app.openURL should return true when routing internal URLs.
  • Change: Include partial matches in tag suggestion drop-down to better accomdate nested tagging.
  • Fix (iOS): Large dynamic text sizes could cause Action Bar layout problems
  • Fix: Command Palette keyboard shortcut not available on iOS 16.
  • Fix (macOS): Capture window not focusing editor when open due to side effect from VoiceOver fix.
  • Fix: If a parent tag changed from not having child tags, or having them, it would not change it’s expandability status in the tag filter view immediately.

Thank you.

I’m a bit confused about the WatchOS change. In the changelog file, there’s a link to an example, but it goes to Slack… is that correct?

Sorry, fixed link above.

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